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Mexican Punched Tin Mirror 31 INCHES Talavera Tiles Mexican Tiles Mirror

Mexican Punched Tin Mirror 31 INCHES Talavera Tiles Mexican Tiles Mirror

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Talavera Tiles Mexican Tiles Tin Punched Mirror, a stunning wall decor piece that will instantly elevate your space with its traditional charm and intricate craftsmanship. This octagonal-shaped mirror showcases the best of Mexican artistry, combining vibrant Talavera tiles with handcrafted tin punched details. Let's explore the features that make this mirror a true work of art:

  • Authentic Mexican Craftsmanship: Each mirror is carefully crafted by skilled artisans in Mexico, preserving the rich heritage of Talavera pottery and tin artistry.

  • Vibrant Talavera Tiles: The mirror frame is adorned with hand-painted Talavera tiles, known for their vivid colors and intricate patterns, adding a burst of energy to any room.

  • Versatile Size: With dimensions [insert dimensions], this mirror is neither too big nor too small, making it a perfect fit for various spaces in your home.

  • Ready to Hang: The mirror comes with a sturdy hanging hook on the back, making installation a breeze.

Add a touch of Mexico's artistic essence to your home decor with our Talavera Tiles Mexican Tiles Tin Punched Mirror. Hang it in your living room, bedroom, hallway, or even your bathroom to infuse any space with a delightful blend of tradition and elegance. Revel in the admiration of your guests as they admire this magnificent piece of art adorning your wall.



31 H x 23 L  x 2 W

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