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Oaxaca Red Clay Heart Bowl Tazon Corazon Salsa

Oaxaca Red Clay Heart Bowl Tazon Corazon Salsa

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Oaxaca Red Clay Heart Bowl – a captivating addition to your home decor collection. Handcrafted with care by skilled Mexican artisans, this beautiful piece is perfect for adding a touch of authentic Mexican charm to your living space. Here are some key features highlighted in bullet points:

  • Authentic Oaxacan Craftsmanship: Each heart-shaped bowl is meticulously crafted in Oaxaca, Mexico, following centuries-old traditions of pottery-making.

  • Vibrant Red Clay: Made from high-quality red clay, this bowl boasts a striking, natural reddish hue that will enhance any room's aesthetics.

  • Unique Heart Design: The heart-shaped design adds a romantic and artistic flair to your decor, making it a meaningful gift or a lovely centerpiece.

  • Versatile Use: Use it as a decorative piece on your mantel or shelf, or as a functional bowl for serving snacks, nuts, or small treats during gatherings.

Embrace the warmth of Mexican culture with our Oaxaca Red Clay Heart Bowl. Whether you're an avid collector of Mexican pottery or simply looking to add a touch of authenticity to your home, this bowl is a must-have. Order now and experience the charm of Mexico's artistic traditions in your own space.



 5.5 W x 6.5 L x 3 H

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