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Talavera Flower Pot With Drainage Water Tray Tea Coffee Cup

Talavera Flower Pot With Drainage Water Tray Tea Coffee Cup

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Mexican Flower Pots - Talavera Planter

Introducing our Talavera flower pot mug shaped with a detachable water tray/plate - the perfect addition to your indoor plant collection. Handmade and hand-painted by skilled artisans in the vibrant style of Mexican Talavera pottery, this planter is a beautiful example of folk art and adds a touch of Mexican charm to any space.

Designed with a drain tray, this Talavera flower pot is the ideal home for your favorite indoor plants. The detachable plate catches any excess water, making it easy to keep your plants healthy and happy. This versatile planter pot is also suitable for small succulents and cacti, making it a great addition to any windowsill or shelf.

Our Talavera flower pot is a stunning example of Mexican garden pottery, bringing a touch of nature indoors. Available to purchase in our shop, this item is part of our Talavera flower pots and Talavera planter collection. At an affordable price, this mini planter pot is an excellent value for a piece of hand-painted home decor that is sure to impress.

Elevate your home decor with the beauty of Mexican Talavera pottery. Shop now and bring a touch of color and culture to your space with this beautiful Talavera flower pot mug shaped with a detachable water tray/plate.


Planter/Mug 7 h x 9w x 12 l
Saucer/Plate 10.5 w x 1h


Mexican clay planters are handcrafted with care, using natural clay materials that can be sensitive to temperature fluctuations. Excessive heat or cold can potentially cause cracking or weakening of the clay.

To safeguard your planters, we recommend avoiding exposure to extreme temperatures. During periods of extreme heat, consider moving your clay planters to a shaded area or indoors to protect them from the scorching sun. Similarly, during freezing conditions, it's best to bring them inside to prevent the clay from becoming brittle.

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