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Velasco Oaxaca Pottery Mug With Plate Clay Filigree Filigrana Oaxacan Pottery Atzompa Pottery

Velasco Oaxaca Pottery Mug With Plate Clay Filigree Filigrana Oaxacan Pottery Atzompa Pottery

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Clay Mug With Plate - Oaxaca Pottery Clay Filigree

Elevate your kitchen decor with our handmade Oaxacan Clay mug with plate, a beautiful addition to our latest arrivals from the Velasco family, renowned for creating stunning clay filigree masterpieces. Crafted with precision from authentic red clay, this sugar bowl is not just a functional piece but a work of art that brings a touch of Mexican tradition to your home.

Key Features:

  • Authentic Oaxacan Pottery: Handcrafted with care, each piece is a testament to the rich tradition of Oaxacan pottery, known for its unique design and quality.

  • Red Clay Elegance: Made from high-quality red clay, the mug and plate set will add warmth and authenticity to your kitchen decor, creating a welcoming atmosphere.

  • Clay Filigree Detailing: Admire the intricate clay filigree detailing, a hallmark of the Velasco family's expertise, showcasing the artistry of handmade Oaxacan pottery.

  • Handmade with Love: Every mug is lovingly made by hand, ensuring that each piece is unique and carries the personal touch of the artisan.

  • Functional and Decorative: Beyond its functional use, this mug and plate will serve as a decorative piece, enhancing the aesthetics of your kitchen and home decor.

  • New Arrivals: Be among the first to own this exclusive piece from our new arrivals collection, a perfect addition to your curated home decor.

Revitalize your kitchen with the allure of Oaxacan pottery. Bring home the handmade excellence of the Velasco family and let the tradition of clay filigree adorn your space. Shop now and experience the beauty of functional art in your everyday life!



Plato/Plate 6" Dia x .5" H

Taza/Mug 3" h x 4.5" l x 4" w 

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